Recitation Scheduling

17.20 (Spring 2019): Click here to fill out Doodle poll. (The poll references specific dates, but please fill it out as if it were for every week.)

My Courses


  • 17.20 (undergraduate): Introduction to American Politics (’13S, ’13F, ’15S, ’16S, ’17F, ’19S)
  • 17.263/264 (undergraduate/graduate): U.S. National Elections (’12F)
  • 17.S918 (undergraduate): Southern Politics since 1863 (’14S, ’16S)
  • 17.150 (graduate): The American Political Economy in Comparative Perspective; co-taught with Kathy Thelen (’13F)
  • 17.202 (graduate): American Political Institutions (’15S, ’18S)
  • 17.850 (graduate): Political Science Scope and Methods (’17F)
  • 17.S951 (graduate): Political Representation in American Politics (’19S)